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About Uma


I am Uma anand Ilango, a successful Professional in Software Development Industry. Since my childhood, I have a strong liking towards teaching. During my school days, I used to take tuition classes for other children in Mathematics from my neighbourhood.

After completing B.B.A & M.S (Information Technology), I started my career in the year 2000 in Computer Software training for young professionals and university students to strengthen/make a career in computer science field. Then moved on to Software development and now an expert in Product Management and Software Development using Agile methodologies. I can realize the vision of a company into a valuable & competitive product in the market.


Teaching is my passion. I have been thinking about doing something of my own which should benefit the community and make me feel proud of it as well.

Brainobrain was introduced to me by a friend and I went back to India to know more about the organization, curriculum, teachers, students and parents experiences. I was amazed to see their performance in India; the motivation and enthusiasm in students and happy parents. I immediately decided to establish Brainobrain in Germany. I underwent their high quality training session and now proudly represent Brainobrain in Germany.

My vision is to help children in Germany to improve their logical and creative skills. Brainobrain changes our children’s “way of thinking”. In today’s competitive world, it’s highly important for us as Parents to provide all possible educational support to help our children decide and lead a successful life in their future. Brainobrain Program is a great opportunity for our children in Germany to improve their logical and creative skills.

While there are many programs/courses available in Germany to help a child gain special skills such as sports, dance, music etc and also tuition (nachhilfe) to improve their academic performance in specific subjects, there is no program which helps to identify & excel their inner skills and nurture their overall development. Brainobrain helps the child to attain whole brain development through their unique curriculum which is a combination of multiple methods and have successfully empowered more than 2,00,000 children around the world.

Additionally, unlike the other programs which our children would continue till they finish their education, Brainobrain Program consists of only 10 Levels. After completing ten levels, they become our Alumni students and shall attend our regional, national and international competitions forever. Although a limited duration program, the benefits shall come along throughout their entire life.

About Brainobrain in India

Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading children institutes for self empowerment. Having its corporate office in Chennai, India. Brainobrain kids academy private limited is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified institution established in the year 2003, manned by professionals who have had a decade of international experience in kids education and training. Brainobrain operates in 38 countries, such as India, Germany, UK, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Yemen, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Macedonia, Libya, UAE, Denmark, France, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Montenegro, Oman, Qatar, Croatia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Zambia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Cyprus, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Hungary, and Kosovo.  Brainobrain has more than 950 successful centres worldwide. Brainobrain has transformed the lives of more than 2,00,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programmes.

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