How it works?.

Learning with Abacus

Brainobrain’s Program use Abacus as the main tool to develop children’s skills; an ancient tool used to teach maths. Brainobrain uses Abacus in the most creative way ever existed! We use arithmetic methods to improve brain’s productivity in children, combining them with the Rhythm and Rhyme Learning Model. This combination helps them to learn, understand and enjoy their lessons. Abacus helps the children activate memory, creativity and concentration easily and quickly.

VAK Method

It is a scientific fact that there are 3 categories that classify people according to their way of learning; Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Learners. Brainobrain identifies the preferences of every child according to the VAK Methodology and gives them the opportunity to choose what their style is and what is suitable for them. The VAK Method helps children by train their brain so they can recall memories and information easily and quickly by transfer them from one hemisphere of the brain to the other efficiently and that leads to the full development of the brain and maximize their potential in learning.

Motivation NLP

Brainobrain uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) Techniques that develops the positive thinking in children. NLP is about how we think, behave and communicate our thoughts in everyday life. Brainobrain, using NLP Techniques, helps children to understand the world around them and express their thoughts to the people near them. Having NLP skills, children improve their confidence, motivation, concentration and many values such as happiness and responsibility. By realizing their thinking style, children can easily achieve what they want in life. They will be able to change and improve their personality and become leaders instead of followers.

Maths is Fun

It has been proved that children who have successfully completed Abacus Learning have shown enhanced performance in academics, particularly in mathematics. Various reports have clearly shows that Abacus learning has helped children do achieve greater arithmetic skills. Overtime, these children develop skills that enable them to do maths calculations faster than a calculator.

Parents Session

At Brainobrain we believe that parents play an important role in their child’s development, since they are the first teachers of a child. We arrange 10-15 minutes meetings every week, so parents can get involved in their children’s improvement. When parents are involved, they can discuss and talk with their children about what they learn, stimulating their minds into thinking and expressing themselves. Parental care gives the children motivation to keep learning and enthusiasm in learning more and more.

Frequently asked Questions

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