Learning with Abacus.

Learning with Abacus

Learning with Abacus is a proven training methodology that helps the children to improve the efficiency of their brain. Abacus tool is not just a calculating tool. Learning Abacus not only enables the children to calculate complex numbers faster but also helps the children attain whole brain development in a natural and stress free manner. Brainobrain ensures your child to understand the concepts and learn Abacus methodology properly.

To start with, we teach the fundamentals of Abacus and train the children to use Abacus. After making them comfortable calculating numbers using Abacus, we take away the Abacus and the children are taught to imagine the Abacus mentally and carry out the calculation in the visual abacus, created in their mind (Mental Arithmetic). This helps the kids to pay attention more to their inner space inside their mind and the regular practice increases the inner clarity.

When the children start practicing by thinking Abacus visually in mind, their imagination gets triggered, which is considered to be right brain’s function. Now, combined with the imagination when the children sing the rhymes, their left brain is also put to use. Thus Brainobrain Training helps the children in utilising both the left and right brains to attain full development

Regular practice for atleast 15 minutes daily makes the children ensure efficient brain functions.

Help your child to achieve whole brain development( i.e., to be able to use both sides of their brain) to tap their resources to the maximum potential.

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