Little BOB.

Little Brainobrain Course

By exposing the children to different learning aspects at a tender age significantly helps the child to use both the left & right brain hemispheres ensuring whole brain development, besides empowers the child to do multitasking efficiently. The entire programme has been designed just not only to improve the knowledge of the child but provide an awakening to the child to use all the resources to learn.

Little Brainobrain will help your Child to develop Mental, Physical, Social skills, Emotional, Personality, Self-confidence, Arithmetic skills and increase their confidence towards academic excellence.

Uniqueness of Little BOB Program

  • Based on Multiple Intelligence
    The Little BoB program is a holistic activity which exercise the multiple intelligence of your children-Logical, Lingusitic, Intrapersonal, Rhythmic, Kinesthetic, Spatial and natural intelligence
  • Based on VAK methodology
    We nourish the difference in learning styles that are unique to your child empowering the learner in him.
  • Whole body learning
    Little BOB is an activity program that is based on the principal that “learning is not only with your head”. It encourages the children to use all their resource in learning. It encourages the children to use their resources in learning.
  • It is not the knowledge
    It is the learner that’s focused! The little BOB programme provides ample experiences to prepare your child to be a learner, than outcome the programme! we do not give fish; instead we teach them how to fish.
  • Play way method
    Little BOB is a play way method in the fullest sense! Children play and learn by themselves. Little BOB is for the children, by the children and of the children!

Little BOB Course Contents

  • Learning numbers using Abacus
  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Hand writing and vocabulary
  • Origami and Art
  • Neurobics – Mental Gym
  • Brainstorming and Puzzles
  • Experiments with Nature
  • Rhymes and Rhythmic Intelligence
  • Curiosity Reading


  • Little Brainobrain Program consists of 4 levels
  • Duration per level: 4 months
  • One session a week
  • Every session is 2 hours
  • Children are appreciated with certificates on their successful completion of each level
  • Recommended for children in the age group 5-6 years.
  • After the completion of 2 levels of Little BOB, children can switch to Level 2 of Brianobrain
  • After the completion of all the 4 levels of Little BOB, children can graduate to Level 3 of Brianobrain
  • Children 6 years and above can do the first 2 modules of Little BOB and graduate to Brainobrain level 2

The Course Outcomes

Brainobrain develops your child’s

  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Imagination
  • Listening Skills
  • Learning ability
  • Visualization
  • Confidence
  • Decision making
  • Creativity
  • Thinking skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Communication Skills
  • Speed
  • Accuracy, etc

FOUR LEVELS in detail

Little BOB Level 1

This is the first stage where the children will have the experience to absorb some of the foundation skills of how to use the brain to the best potential using Abacus with the Little Brainobrain exercises and activities .

Little BOB Level 2

During this level children will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the Abacus. Calculating numbers using Abacus is a new way of thinking and it will pave way to the whole brain development in children. The hands on learning experience will help children to learn, how to learn. It strengthens VAK aspects of learning; increases mental flexibility.

Little BOB Level 3

This level will take the children through the next steps in the Abacus calculation. Children will be able to explore the double digit numbers on the Abacus along with the add/less exercises which will help them build a quality foundation in their Abacus skills and their mental arithmetic skills as well. Children will have this unique opportunity to be able to build their visualization skills – they will learn to perform the Abacus beads imagined mental calculations, which will be a powerful stimuli to activate the neural networks. And of course, there are other exciting activities lined up for a wholesome experience, which the children will enjoy.


Children will have dramatic improvements in skills like Concentration, Memory power, Listening, Visualization, Communication skills etc.

Little BOB Level 4

This will be the next step towards sharpening your child’s Abacus skills, his ability to work on the beads in particular. The double digit addition and subtraction will be a key component in helping the child to have a good foundation for the mental arithmetic exercises to follow.


During this level, your child will experience shift in his capabilities, skills like Concentration, Retention, Photographic memory, Mental coordination, Visualization, etc.

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