VAK Method.

VAK Method

Scientists have observed that the humans can be classified as Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners on the basis of the three main sensory receivers. Visual learners learn through seeing, Auditory learners learn through listening and Kinesthetic learners learn through moving, doing and touching.

A child can have a mixture of these 3 learning styles and find a balance somewhere in between them. Brainobrain identifies the preferences of every child according to the VAK Methodology and gives them the opportunity to choose what their style is and what is suitable for them.

At Brainobrain, we identify the  individual preferences of a child help them learn these different ways of learning through the VAK-methodology.

The VAK Method helps children by train their brain so they can recall memories and information easily and quickly by transfer them from one hemisphere of the brain to the other efficiently and that leads to the full development of the brain and maximize their potential in learning.

How it helps?

  • VAK method is a powerful mental gymnastics tool
  • Helps the children to transfer of information from the left to the right hemisphere of the brain
  • Contributes to the full development of the brain in children
  • Helps the children to learn best and faster
  • When your visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic processing systems are functioning well, your whole brain functions better, and learning becomes easier.
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